13460 Woodside Lane - Newport News, VA 23608 - (757) 886-7744

Greenwood Elementary School

Greenwood is fully accredited!

Ethel Francis, Principal


Our Mission: At Greenwood Elementary School, we believe that smart is something you become. We will provide ample opportunities and a safe learning environment so that all students are empowered to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

School Motto: We are Greenwood Gators; as great as we can be We are Greenwood Gators; achieving successfully We are kind, respectful, responsible, and prepared We are growing great Gators; take a look and see!

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Speak Up for Safety: Report safety concerns to speakup@nnschools.org or call 757-765-4440 or click the SpeakUp icon on your Chromebook.

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