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The Kindergarten children are off to a great school year. We are pleased with their excitement for learning.

We have been focusing on the following areas: Reading, Language Arts, and Writing; listening to a variety of literature; participating in reciting poems, rhymes, songs and stories; retelling familiar stories; identifying an author and illustrator; match voice with print; read and explain own writings and drawings; identify upper and lower case letters; understand that letters represent sounds; identify parts of a book; print his/her name; and draw pictures and/or use letters and phonetically spelled words to write stories.

  • Math: Counting by l’s to 20 and backwards from 10; recognize numerals 1 to 20; shapes; sort and classify objects; patterns; sets of objects 1 to 20.
  • Science: Conducting investigations, discussing physical properties of objects, weather, fall seasons, and school and home routines.
  • Health: Self-esteem, friendship, respect, responsibility and good choices.
  • History/Social Science: Qualities of a good citizen; famous Americans, pledge to the flag, positional words.

Parents please take the time to discuss each school day with your child. Ask open-ended questions and offer positive feedback. Please check his/her bookbag daily. Review all work brought home and set aside a special place for displaying the work. Remember to read 15 minutes nightly with or to your child. Your constant interest will play an important part in your child's learning success.

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11st GRADE

Welcome to 1st grade!  Our team of teachers consists of Mrs. Stewart, Ms. Tate, Mrs. Bowling, Mrs. High, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Bevis.  We are all very excited to be working with your children this year at Greenwood!

Our first graders have been hard at work.  The students have been learning about the importance of rules to keep our school a safe place to learn and grow.  Being good citizens is also being emphasized throughout the year focusing on being trustworthy, responsible and honest.  These traits will help each student to be college, career and citizenship ready which is Newport News Public School’s emphasis for all students regardless of grade level.

Our days are filled with reading, math, writing, social studies and science.  In reading, the students are meeting daily with small guided reading groups in which instruction is differentiated based on the needs of each student.  Fluency, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, word study and comprehension are all emphasized daily.  Students are expected to read nightly at home so this practice can occur both in school and at home. 

Writer’s Workshop occurs daily in which students to through the steps of the writing process with each piece of writing.  Students brainstorm, pre-write, draft, revise, edit, publish and share their work.  This process is again individualized and students work at their own pace to create their masterpieces! 

In math, we have started addition and graphing of classroom data.  Many strategies are taught and shared with students.  Please practice addition facts up to 18 at home.  Allow your child to talk to you about math as we do “math talk” daily where we share how we solved a problem and share our strategies with each other.  Allow your child to practice skip counting at home as well.  Students are required to skip count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  Use common objects around your home for math practice such as pencils, canned goods, pieces of cereal or noodles. 

In social studies, students are learning about citizenship, voting and famous Americans such as Christopher Columbus, George Washington Carver, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin.
Science has us talking about seasonal changes, day versus night, types of motion and life cycles of plants and animals.  Science is very hands on and often students get to investigate and create their own theories as they learn.

Technology is a big piece of your child’s education across the curriculum.  SmartBoards have been put in each classroom and students will amaze you with what they know already about technology!  We are thrilled to be able to share our projects with you throughout the year so you can see just what we have been up to!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support this year.  Education is a partnership and we couldn’t do it without you.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we look forward to a great year with your child!

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22nd GRADE

Math: We are working on place-value. Please help your child learn the basic addition and subtraction facts. Flash cards are a good way to practice. They also need to be able to count a group of coins and skip count by 2-3-4-5 & 10.

Reading: The children should know the long and short vowel sounds. We are working on comprehension strategies like finding the main idea, finding details in stories, summarizing, characters, and setting. The children should be reading at least 15 minutes every night to a parent and telling them about the story.

Content: We are learning about Ancient China in Social Studies and Matter in Science. In November, we are going on to our Civics unit concerning our government.

English: The children are writing sentences using the correct capitalization and punctuation. We are also learning about nouns and verbs.

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33rd GRADE

Teachers: Ms. Dawson, Mrs. St.Pierre, Mrs. Glassgow, Ms. Leonard, and Ms. Gardner

Third grade teachers are involved in preparing students for test taking. Strategies are being taught to address the Quarterly Assessments, and the SOLs. The Quarterly Assessments will be administered every nine weeks.

Math objectives being taught include addition and subtraction with regrouping, money and time telling skills, as well as beginning multiplication. Please continue to work with your child on mastering the basic math facts.

In Social Studies, we will be covering Jamestown and the ancient civilizations of Mali, Greece and Rome.

Our Science curriculum includes natural events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and the major components of soil and its importance to plants and animals.

We continue to read, read, read at school. Make sure your student is also doing home reading each night for at least 25 minutes.

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44th GRADE

The Fourth Grade Team: Ms. C. Brown, Mrs. K. Joos, Ms. H. Trueblood, Mrs. K. Whitfield, Ms. D. Deiulio

Homework: It is very important that all students complete their homework every night. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and should take about 45 minutes to one hour to complete. Please be sure that your child is completing his or her homework and is reading at least 20-30 minutes from an AR book every night. A student's grade can drop very quickly if they are not doing the extra practice that homework provides each night. All of their homework is written in their agendas every day, so make sure to sign the agendas every night.

AR - Accelerated Reader: Students should be taking at least two AR tests every week. Students have the opportunity to take their AR tests during their ILA time at school. They check out AR books from the library once a week. They are allowed to check out 5 books at a time. It is important that they return their books so they can get new ones every week. Students should be getting a mixture of chapter books and nonfiction.

AM - Accelerated Math: Accelerated Math is a wonderful asset to our math program. It is an individualized math computer program that allows each student to master math objectives at their own level and pace. Each time your child misses something on a practice, they are required to go back and figure out how to make it correct. You will receive the practice with a grade on it to see how your child is progressing. Students will also take AM tests about once a week. The AM tests are based on the objectives they have mastered through completing practices. Students will not be tested on any objectives that they have not mastered. AM Exercises may be used to review a certain objective or skill with individual students or the whole class, whichever is necessary.

Content: This is what we are currently learning in the fourth grade.

  • Social Studies - Virginia geography, American Indians, Virginia history
  • Science –Scientific Investigation, VA Resources
  • Math – place value, word problems, rounding, subtraction, addition
  • ILA - grammar, sentence structure, writing, reading strategies, various genres, word study on different sounds and patterns

PTA: Please help all of our classes obtain 100% membership! Thank you for your continued support!

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55th GRADE

Grading Scale
92-100 A
83-91 B
74-82 C
65-73 D
0-64 F
AR Scale
90-100 A
80 or 85 B
70 C
60 D
0-59 F

Accelerated Reading (AR): Your child is expected to take at least one AR test each week. Students must bring their AR book to school each day for SSR.

Accelerated Math: Accelerated Math is a supplemental program that we use with our math instruction. All fifth graders will be participating at his/her math level, similar to AR. The goal is to master 20-25 objectives per marking period.

Homework and Agendas: Please check over your child's homework and sign the agenda each night Monday through Thursday. Getting the agenda signed and bringing homework to school on time is your child's responsibility. To avoid any confusion, please use your signature instead of your initials in the agenda. Your child is responsible for copying missed assignments in agenda.

Testing: Newport News has developed a new math assessment to replace the ORT test that was previously given to students in May in grades 1-4. The new test is called Quarterly Assessment and will be given every nine weeks towards the end of the marking period to students K-5. It will assess what your child has learned each nine weeks in math and will be a helpful tool in preparing students for the SOL test.

Students will take SOL tests in Math, English, Reading, Writing, Science, and Technology. The writing test is usually given in February, while the rest of the tests are given either in May or June.

PTA: If you have not already joined, please have at least one member of your family join the PT A so that our class can have 100% participation. The dues are only $3.00 and belonging does not obligate you to anything. The money, however, can greatly benefit our school with books, computer software, programs for the students, etc. The information is on page 16 in the agenda.

Class Rules: In addition to the Rights and Responsibility handbook, our class rules are:

  • Respect others and property.
  • Ask permission before leaving.
  • Speak respectfully.
  • Be prepared for school.

Please be sure to read carefully through the Rights and Responsibilities section of the agenda. A few changes have been made. Familiarizing your child and yourself with the policies in this handbook will help keep your child and all children safe at school and assist in establishing the best learning environment. We greatly appreciate your help.

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