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Accelerated Reader Program

This is a program designed to increase reading comprehension. The students in our third, fourth, and fifth grades are required to participate. Selected first and second grade students may begin the program in November. Each student carefully reads the book that he or she has selected based on a predetermined reading level. Students may test their comprehension of the book by electronically accessing the any one of 2350 different tests on a computer in the Library Media Center. The student receives an immediate print-out of the test results that is recorded by the classroom teacher. The teacher may reward students for progress and the school recognizes student achievement with a public announcement and coupons from our business partner, Burger King of Fort Eustis.

Balanced Literacy  

Balanced Literacy is based upon the philosophy that students learn best when reading and writing are taught in a variety of ways with "hands on" activities. The following components occur in a Balanced Literacy classroom: The teacher reads aloud to children sharing excellent literature. The teacher and students read together from big books, poems, songs or stories. The teacher guides the reading of books with selected small groups. The teacher provides independent reading time for students to select and enjoy their own literature. The teacher demonstrates or models writing skills. The teacher and students share the writing in a whole group setting. The teacher guides the writing with selected small groups of students. The students write independently in journals, stories, or responses to literature.

UBD (Understanding by Design)/ Knowledge Work

Knowledge Work is relevant, integrated, purposeful work that engages students in critical thinking and problem solving to arrive at a meaningful product. Knowledge Work is comprised of ten design components necessary for students to produce quality products. Those components include Clear and Compelling Product Standards, Affiliation, Novelty and Variety, Authenticity, Product Focus, Organizaton, Content and Substance, Choice, Affirmation of Performance, and Protection from Adverse Consequences for Initial Failure. UBD or Understanding by Design is the framework in which to implement these strategies into our Currculum.

Primary Success

Primary Success is a program to support and "double-dose" the lowest quartile of second grade. It is based on a model of Robert Slavin (Johns Hopkins University). In this program the teacher works with small tutoring groups of two to four students at a time. Over the six years of development, many Reading Recovery and Balanced Literacy techniques have been implemented in the program. Students in this program exit once grade level proficiency is reached.

Soar To Success

SOAR TO SUCCESS is a small-group reading intervention program. It uses authentic literature, reciprocal teaching, and graphic organizers in fast-paced lessons to help intermediate-grade students accelerate their reading growth. The program is designed to be used with a group of 5-7 students. This program was designed to accelerate learning for students who are experiencing difficulty in reading in grades three, four, five and six. It has been developed to help teachers accomplish two major goals:

  1. Accelerate students' reading abilities as quickly as possible.
  2. Help students learn to apply and use the comprehension and decoding strategies and skills of an effective reader as they read accross the curriculum.

SOAR TO SUCCESS is based on existing reading reasearch and was scientifically tested in classrooms throughout the country.

Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math is an individualized math program that is being examined for inclusion in our curriculum. Students are assigned objectives which they are to master before progressing through the entire grade appropriate library of skills. Practice sheets are generated by the computer, tests are scored and a comprehensive report is produced for constant evaluation. Students may progress as quickly as they can through objectives learned and review if the objectives are not met. This allows the teacher to work with each child or a group on the skills needing intervention. At this time one class at grade levels 3-5 are piloting the program for the rest of the school. Other grade levels and skill levels will be added in the near future.

Star Math

Star Math is a diagnostic program that determines at what level a student is working at a particular time. This is a wonderful tool to help the teacher determine what skills have been mastered and what objectives need review

Greenwood is using all of the above strategies to help our students become successful!


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